Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Annotation #3

Bringing up a child billingual

Jayme Simoes' mother is American and his father is from Portugal. He was born in Portugal and lived there for his first year of his life and became fluent in Portuguese. But after that they moved back to the United States of America and English dominated his daily life. For three years he had lost almost his whole Portuguese.But after only spending somes summers in Portugal with his grandparents, he regained it again. Now married and proud father of Marcus, Simoes is raising his child billingual.
At least 10 million school-aged live in homes where family members speak a language other than English, the Departments of Education reports. But raising a child billingual is not that easy as it sounds, you must have specific ideas about what you want your child to be able to do in both languages. You aslso should avoid mixing languages, so children will hear each tongue in pure form. Some families decide to speak English at home and the other language everywhere else.

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