Monday, April 23, 2007

Annotation #1


If you speak two languages, then you are bilingual. Speak one? You
must be American. Globalization has brought a lot of changes and
trends to America. But through all those chance
that globalization has brought to America the average classroom has lagged
behind. In the late 1940's, more than 90 percent of kids who studied a
foreign language learned French, Spanish, or Latin. At the end of the century,
that figure remained the same. At least two decades after politcal
scientists that China would be the next world's power, only a little more than
1,300 public high school students studied Chinese. Instead of learning
Arabic languanges, 175,000 students have learned Latin instead. In 2000 two
thirds of American students never studied a second language.

creta color wettbewerb

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