Monday, March 19, 2007

Raft day 1

Coming from a different country and having the chance to experience the famous Spring Break for the first time of my life was quiet amazing! Although I did not go anywhere it was still special. I loved going shopping with my friends and spent a fortune on clothes that I did not need anyway. If I was not shopping or hanging out at my friends house, I was running for the upcoming Track&Field season. I also got the chance to talk to my friends from Austria. We talked for hours on the phone for the first time after seven months. Although we stayed in touch through writing e-mails, there was quiet a lot to talk about. It was strange to hear their voices because they changed a lot.
On Sunday I took my host family out for dinner to Bonfire for our anniversary. We had to celebrate our seventh month living together. On Wednesday my host grandma made my Spring Break very special. She got my host brother and me tickets for the Twincities Autoshow. If you ask anybody about me, they will tell you that I am a car freak. I had a great time talking to the managers of the different car brands. They gave me the advice that I should go to college for Industrial Design. I would love to do that because I think it is very exciting to design cars. After the car show we went to downtown Minneapolis and my host grandma showed me around. I got really excited when I saw the huge black tower, of which I forgot the name. To make that day even more special we went to a really fancy restaurant and had some good dinner there.